"I really appreciate Kelsey's attention to detail and ability to visualize how to make a room come together. She is able to think outside the box when it comes to design and the result is awesome. She is timely, organized and very professional. I would highly recommend Farmer's Daughter Interiors + Design."

- Tricia H. - client, In-home Consultation


"Kelsey is extremely talented, efficient, and so easy to work with.  We feel very fortunate to have such a talented young woman in Southwest Saskatchewan.  Not only is she talented but such a kind, hard-working woman as well.  So, thank you Kelsey for all of your hard work and patience with us.  We are so excited about our new room and don't know what we would have done without you!"

- Jade M. - client, Design Services


"I was very happy with our time together.  Kelsey asked for pictures prior to our appointments so she could be more prepared and arrived with tile, laminate and quartz samples, it was great! And it made purchasing so easy...I knew exactly what I needed before going to the prospective stores. 

I would recommend Farmer's Daughter Interiors to anyone!"

- Janice S. - client, In-home Consultation


"We have enjoyed Kelsey's fine taste, mindful manner in how she works with not only her colleagues but more importantly her clients. Kelsey's ability to stay educated allows her to guide people through their projects with an impressive result. We strongly recommend her services if you need help cultivating your tastes to a look that reflects your unique style."

- NuWest Interiors + Flooring - Trade Partner


"Thanks, Kelsey, for coming into our home. Our home is newer, so not in need of major renovations, it just needed some personalization.  Kelsey helped me pick paint colours, we discussed furniture layouts, we talked about ways to make our home cozy...ultimately she is helping me bring my Pinterest board to life. I really appreciate the tips and design information I would have never considered or thought of."

- Candlle A. - client, In-home Consultation


"Awesome tips on arranging furniture and purchasing furniture!!! Very helpful and took lots of time with me. I was very impressed and recommend this lady to everyone. You won't be disappointed if you need help with a reno or decorating."

 - Marge H. - client, In-home Consultation

"Kelsey met us at our house to give us some ideas for our bathroom renovation. She quickly had some ideas of things that would work, taking into account the current fixtures, flooring etc. that weren't going to be changed. Her ideas included changing things that needed changing, but leaving what could be left, thus keeping costs down. Her ideas were up to date and contemporary.  The bathroom consult only took a half hour, and since Kelsey charges by the hour for the consult, she asked if there was anything else she could help us with while she was there.  We were very impressed with how conscious she was to make sure we got full advantage of her service.
We are so glad we enlisted Kelsey's expertise as it meant we could carry on with our project knowing the design is something that will work really well and look great when it's finished."

- Roseanne F. - client, In-home Consultation

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