Farmer's Daughter Interiors offers interior design and consulting services to both residential and commercial clients in south-western Saskatchewan.  Based in Swift Current, the firm's growing portfolio includes projects ranging from new residential builds and full-scale renovations to light commercial projects across the Southwest.  Working in-tandem with site managers, contractors, and homeowners, we take the guesswork out of interior design and create homes and businesses where people want to be.


// Kelsey Grose //

As the principal designer behind Farmer’s Daughter Interiors, Kelsey Grose is quickly becoming a design authority to watch in Southwest Saskatchewan.  While best known for bright, contemporary spaces with a farmhouse twist, her ever-evolving eclectic aesthetic translates into ingenuity and open-mindedness when working with a wide range of clientele.  With over five years in the industry, and recently through the birth of her own design firm in 2016, she is building a diverse portfolio of projects including custom residential homes, full-scale renovation projects, and light commercial work.  Her self-written design blog was named 2017's 'Best New Design Blog' by the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, California.

A firm believer in a client-centered approach, Kelsey is intricately involved in the development of each and every design project and encourages her clients to fully engage in the firm's Six Step Design Process.  With a natural eye for design, helping her clients discover their individual style while bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table is what she does best.  Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Services has been a huge asset in the direction of her own design firm and plays to her second passion of small business and entrepreneurship. 

 "Great design is just as much about how a space lives as how it looks. There's nothing I love more than helping my clients create a home that looks great but also lives well." - Kelsey Grose

While continuously stirred by the beautiful Saskatchewan Prairies, she is an enthusiastic lover of travel in all its forms and takes every opportunity to find inspiration through travels both near to home and abroad.  When afforded spare time, you might find her pedalling her Townie two-wheeler around town with her Nikon slung over-shoulder or outdoors on the family grain farm.  Kelsey currently resides in Swift Current, Saskatchewan with her husband Shayne.

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The Farmer's Daughter story

I grew up on a third generation grain farm south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan - we didn't have many close neighbors on the farm and my brother and I learned to make our own fun as kids.  Our childhood involved being outside, building tree forts, taking care of the animals, gardening, and riding with Dad in the tractor.  As we got older, we were given various jobs to help with the farm work and keeping up the yard - it would usually take four or five hours just to mow the grass!  My brother and I learned to drive most of the larger farm equipment and would often work long hours during the seeding and harvest seasons as we got older - my favorite seasons to this day.

The farm, and the work that went along with it, taught us some valuable life lessons but our parents played an integral part in that as well.  We were taught to love God, to value family, to always do our best, to act with integrity, and that some of the most rewarding things in life are often those that you have to earn for yourself. 

After high school, I moved to Calgary, AB to pursue a business degree from Mount Royal University.  I loved living in the city of a million people and taking advantage of all the amenities we simply didn't have in our smaller community.  Just after I finished second semester, in May of 2009, I got a horrible phone call.  I made the five hour drive home as fast as I could and within a day or two, we learned our father had been diagnosed with stage four renal cell carcinoma - a type of kidney cancer.  It was a total shock to us and came completely out of the blue.  Within days, they operated and removed his left kidney.  He soon started a targeted therapy treatment and thankfully, for the most part, was still able to do many of the things he did before his diagnosis. 

Dad fought with that stupid cancer for more than four years.  We all did, in a way. 

I completed my degree in 2012 and moved back to Swift Current to marry my high school sweetheart soon after.  I'm so thankful I spent that following year close to home because in September of 2013, Dad passed away in the middle of harvest season - one of his favorite times of year.  Now more than ever, I see how my father was a huge encouragement to me, always taking time to offer advice and pushing me to do my best as he watched me dreaming of owning my own interior design business someday. 

Like many farmers, and farmer's daughters, I am grateful for where I grew up and how I was raised.  The farming lifestyle that my parents chose to lead played a large part in how I view life and who I am today - I guess you could say, like many others in our area, I'm still a farmer at heart and will always be proud to be a farmer's daughter.

one of my favourite photos

My dad is the one sitting in the combine tire and my brother is in the white T-shirt.

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the logo

The logo was designed by a great friend of mine, who is now in the process of launching her own creative business. 


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