DESIGN INSPIRATION // saskatchewan lilacs

One of the things I love about design (or any creative field, really) is the fact that inspiration is everywhere - especially if we look for it.  However, in our hectic lives it's hard to slow down, notice the little things, and find joy in simplicity.  This is something I am truly trying to learn the art of.  I call it an art because (for me at least) it doesn't always come natural.  It's intentional.  So...this week I actually took a short break in the middle of the day to get outside and appreciate the beauty of one of my favorite things about springtime in Saskatchewan - lilacs!

If you haven't noticed, I get a lot of enjoyment from photography.  I'm absolutely an amateur in my own practice but it's something I find extremely relaxing and often goes hand-in-hand with remembering to slow down and just be still sometimes. 

Last year for our birthdays, my husband and I bought each other bikes.  Of course, I couldn't help but letting color influence my choice greatly.  She's not the fastest or the toughest bike on the lot but she sure is purrrty...

Inspiration is truly all around us.  As I was shooting, I noticed the brilliance of the colors in these lilacs - so bold and beautiful. are three color palettes inspired by our lovely Saskatchewan lilacs (and maybe the Townie two-wheeler as well). 

ONE - I love the depth of color in this palette.  Used in a beach-y cottage or lakehouse, with shiplap walls and hardwood floors, this look would be on point.  I would add in some warm, neutral textures in the furniture and choose a dark metal for hardware and fixtures. The brighter colors could be used for decorative accents such as toss pillows or, of course, fresh flowers!

TWO - Summery, bright, fresh, and fun!  These colors are fabulous all together and beautiful in pairs as well.  This palette would make some awesome inspiration for a kids playroom or a funky powder bathroom.  Incorporating some fun wallpaper with two or three of these colors would be a great start or, for a little less commitment, start with with some modern white gallery frames and look for some adorable artwork to fill them!

Not going to lie - while pedaling my way home with my full basket of lilacs I may have envisioned the Co-op service station as a Parisian patisserie, the Swift Current Creek the River Seine, and our back alley a narrow cobblestone street winding its way to my doorstep...even if only for a moment.

THREE - The third palette is a little more subdued than the first two and it's easy to envision these moody colors in a master bedroom or office setting.  The color in the center is a nice warm gray and reminds me of one of my favorite neutrals, Benjamin Moore's 'Revere Pewter' (HC-172).

If you love color, check out the Farmer's Daughter 'Color' Pinterest board for more inspiration!