TREND WATCH // Terrazzo

Terrazzo.  Yep, I said 'terrazzo'.  Your mind may flash back to the drab floor of a 1970's hospital but I beg you, read on because, it's back... and this ain't your grandmother's terrazzo. 

I've been noticing this versatile material all over the design world lately and after a recent trip to Europe, I'm even more convinced that terrazzo is back for a more refined round two.  Don't believe me?  Have a look at how some of today's most talented architects and designers are using terrazzo in ultra modern installations + product design.

Jamie Sormann.jpg

Although popularized in the 1970's, the material itself has been around for centuries.  It's made of a cement-like binding with distinctive embedded chips - marble, porcelain, quartz, glass, and even plastic are being used to create today's terrazzo;  ripe with a wide variety of colors + textures. 

Studio David Thulstrup 2.jpg

Also you'll notice the sizing of the chips can vary greatly - the larger chunks make for a more dramatic pattern as seen below in the Maison Kitsune retail store in Paris.

maison kitsune paris.jpg

For more amazing palettes using terrazzo, check out Studio Davis Thulstrup on Pinterest - they're posted some super fun colors + designs using terrazzo. 

Studio David Thulstrup.jpg

Personally, I'm a fan of the more neutral palettes, although the brighter colors certainly add a fun punch into the design and would be a great jumping-off-point to a project.

Figr - Courtyard House.jpg

So why choose terrazzo?  Besides a virtually unlimited color palette, and a low maintenance finish, terrazzo is incredibly durable - often outlasting the life of the building!  That makes it a great choice for high traffic areas such as shopping malls, schools, and airports.  In a more residential setting, terrazzo makes a beautiful interior floor, wall installation, and in certain climates, a perfect patio material as well.  

If a full terrazzo floor is just a bit much to handle, you can always indulge the trend on a smaller scale with these fun products from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, or Uniqfind.


Alright, just one more fun mood board from Studio David Thulstrup (possibly unrelated to terrazzo)...

Studio David Thulstrup 3.jpg

Enjoy your day!

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