Well today is the day... the 'launch day' of my own interior design business!  You know when you've been thinking about something for so long and brainstorming ideas and dreaming about how it could look and what it would be like...?  And then when it finally happens it's a little scary but also incredibly exciting and you're just ready to dive in?  That day is today!

Farmer's Daughter Interiors & Design. (A huge thank you to my friend Tori for creating the logo for me, she really put her heart into it).  It took me a while to decide on a name but it was important that it mean something and for me, this name is full of meaning....

I grew up on a third generation grain farm south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan - a smaller city of about 17,000 people.  Like many people in our area could say, the farm was a huge part of our lives.  As kids, we loved being outside, building tree forts, playing with the animals, and riding with Dad in the tractor.  As we got older, we were given various jobs around the farm to help with the farm work and keeping up the yard - it used to take us 4-5 hours just to mow the grass!  My brother and I learned to drive most of the larger equipment and would often work long hours during the seeding and harvest seasons - my favorite times of year.

A freshly seeded durum field.

The farm, and the work that went along with it, taught us some valuable life lessons but our parents played an integral part in that as well.  We were taught to love God, to value family, to always do our best, to act with integrity, and that some of the best things in life are often those that you work for.  Our parents truly believed in us I think, and often encouraged us to try new things and explore our ideas.

Then in May of 2009, our dad was diagnosed with stage four Renal Cell Carcinoma - a type of kidney cancer.  It was a total shock to us and came completely out of the blue.  Within days of his diagnosis, they operated and removed his left kidney.  After he recovered, he started a targeted therapy treatment and, for the most part, was still able to do many of the things he did before his diagnosis.  

One of my favorite pictures - my dad is the one sitting in the harvester tire.

My dad was a huge encouragement to me, always taking time to offer advice and pushing me to do my best.  I can definitely attribute a large part of my independent spirit to him, something I'm often thankful for.

Dad fought with that stupid cancer for more than four years.  We all did, in a way.  He passed away in September 2013, in the middle of harvest - one of his favorite times of year. 

Like many farmers, and farmer's daughters, I am proud of where I grew up and how I was raised.  The farming lifestyle that my parents chose to lead played a large part in how I view life and who I am today and I guess you could say, like many others in our area, I'm still a farmer at heart. 

I love that no matter where life takes me or who I become, I'll always be a farmer's daughter.  So, when it came time to choose a name for my new business, 'Farmer's Daughter Interiors' was a natural fit.