Consultation with Farmer's Daughter Interiors


Not sure what a ‘Consultation’ actually is? Or not sure if it is right for you + your home? We asked some of our clients - both in-home + in-studio - to share a little bit about their experience with us!

firstly, What is a consultation?

A Consultation is a verbal walk-through of your space. Designer Kelsey Grose meets with you to offer interior design ideas, helpful tips, select paint colours, and offer verbal design guidance on specific construction finishes. Often homeowners will schedule a Consultation before beginning a renovation or room refresh to get them started on the right track for their project. Whether you’re considering a bedroom re-do or a full kitchen renovation, you will be left feeling excited and inspired to move forward with a clear vision for your space!

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What prompted you to book a Consultation with Farmer's Daughter Interiors?

Amy: We had recently switched some rooms around as we had purchased a new piece of furniture and couldn’t agree how to arrange the room or even what to do with it.

Crystal: I do not have an eye for interior decorating AT ALL. We finished our basement and I needed help with furniture placement etc and also ideas for our main floor. 

Erin: Interior design is really fun for me, and I spend a lot of time sketching, scouring social media, magazines, and blogs. So I have a lot of ideas of where I want to be - but an unclear direction to get there. I wanted to talk through my ideas and see which were worth pursuing, where they could improve, and anything I hadn’t considered.

Project:  Brighton Terrace   Photo by:  Jackson Designs

What topics did you and Kelsey cover during your consultation?

Amy: Kelsey covered many items with us. We discussed furniture arrangements, items to purchase to enhance the look of the room, possible built ins that could happen and fabrics/drapery. She was able to help us with more than just the original room we had questions on. 

Crystal: Furniture arrangement, room layouts - thinking of a long space as two separate spaces instead of just 1.

Erin: We covered a bit of everything! I came into the shop with photos of my living space, and we primarily discussed furniture placement and best options for a kitchen redesign. We also had time to cover the little details, which I was very excited about - the perfect paint colours, tile options, and thoughts on wallpaper. She even had local recommendations for contractors she’s worked with in the past.


What did you find the most beneficial about seeking advice from an interior designer?

Amy: She made the space more functional and gave us new ideas to work with that neither my husband or myself even dreamed of. We were able to “pick her brain” on many other areas in the house including an outside balcony. She can tell your style as she comes in to your home and doesn’t suggest off the wall things that obviously wouldn’t be in your comfort zone. 

Crystal: She helped me see things differently. I have always been a “furniture has to be against the wall” kind of person but she showed me how to place it and make multiple “areas” from one room to get more uses out of the space. 

Erin: Focus, and a professional opinion.


How do you feel about your space now compared to prior to the consultation?

Amy: I can’t begin to describe how much we all love the space now! It’s still coming together but we went from a room we never used to being in it at least once a day!

Crystal: Way more confident and so proud of my space!!! It has helped me with other areas of my house as well!

Erin: Excited, and more confident in my plans. Talking with Kelsey helped determine which projects affect the next, making it easier to plan a timeline and budget accordingly. 


Who would you suggest a consultation is suitable for?

Amy: Anyone with small or big questions on their home. Whether the space big or small it really was all helpful

Crystal: Anyone like me who just “can’t put a space together”

Erin: I think a consultation would be beneficial for someone who has no experience in Interior Design, and is finding it hard to start any project, big or small. In my case, I find home decor to be fun and have a lot of ideas, but really appreciated Kelsey’s experience in considering the details. She also brought up thoughts that I would never have thought of, like kitchen layout considerations and pendant lights.


We hope hearing some our past clients experiences helps you gain a further understanding of our in-home + in-studio consultations!

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