TOP TEN // Area Rugs Uses + Placements


Today we add another addition to our Top Ten series and we are talking all about rugs! When it comes to rugs, there are so many options - what size, what kind, what material? Although there is no ‘right’ answer - we think that each of the following images absolutely nailed their choices + placements! Ready to be inspired?


// Vintage inspired //


Here’s a great example of how to layer two rugs of a different style. Starting with a neutral base rug is a perfect way to showcase a more patterned rug on the top layer. Note how the chaise portion of the sectional is also placed on the top rug - this is the finishing touch to bring everything together in the room.


So often we see the same formula for rugs in the bedroom - but that doesn’t always work in every space, especially when the bed is tucked against the wall like in this space. If your bedroom is set up this way, try using a larger rug to fill the center of the room, tying in the bed with the other furniture in the space. In this case, this vintage-inspired rug was a great choice to cozy up this teenage bedroom!



Christie + Steven of Veecaravan via  Camille Styles

Christie + Steven of Veecaravan via Camille Styles


There’s another great example of layering in the photo above. We love the mix of textures, the jute on the bottom and the soft, high-pile rug on top create the perfect balance. And aren’t those jute footstools just darling?


Not only does the round rug work well with the round table, but it also doubles as a way to create a ‘zone’ for the breakfast nook or dining area in an open concept home.


Another example of layering with non traditional shapes + mix of materials. The off balance placements works perfectly for a nursery and definitely softens the feel in this room. Notice how the rugs are layered right on top of the existing wall-to-wall carpeting? And it totally works!



We are big believers that rugs can make all the difference to a space + when you know what to look for, they are worth the investment!

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