One part contemporary craftsman, another part Belgian-farmhouse...then throw in a nod to mid-century style, and you've got this stunning, six bedroom West Vancouver home - and it's hitting all the sweet spots.  The genius behind the interior is Kelly Deck Design; a firm known for their luxurious and tranquil interiors.

Let’s take a tour...


The front entryway is fairly open and spacious however, the team at Kelly Deck used statement lighting and an anchoring piece of artwork to pull an elevated look together in this space.  Subtle green and blue tones in the artwork work really well with the lighter wood in the stair treads.

Stair railings can be tricky to execute but I absolutely love this particular railing design; fresh and inviting, easy to care for, and a timeless version of contemporary.  It's often those extra design details that can take a home from 'builder-basic' to something truly unique and personalized.


The overall design of this home is warm and inviting while still maintaining a contemporary feel.  I particularly noticed the mix of wood tones throughout - in just about every room, you'll see two or three wood tones used. 

Even in my own practice, it can feel risky to mix wood tones in a major way but I love what Kelly and her team have executed with this home; proving yet again, that mixed woods are here for the long haul.   

FARMER'S DAUGHTER: Home Tour - Ripple Road

Such a fun sliding door, isn't it?  I'm hearing a lot of buzz from homeowners about sliding 'barn' doors and while they are not the right choice for every room, the master suite is a great spot because it doesn't necessarily matter if the door is not sealed completely as this is already a private space. 

FARMER'S DAUGHTER: Home Tour - Ripple Road
FARMER'S DAUGHTER: Home Tour - Ripple Road

Talk about a 'master' ensuite - this room lives up to every sense of the word.  While the space feels mostly white, a few wood accents go a long way to warm up the room and wall-mounted faucets are a luxe detail.  While it's a little more formal than my personal style, the pretty, feminine chandelier really accentuates the ceiling height and the size indicates just how large this room truly is.  

FARMER'S DAUGHTER: Home Tour - Ripple Road

The dining room is my favourite room in the house. I love the amount of natural light it gets + the double chandeliers are particularly striking!

FARMER'S DAUGHTER: Home Tour - Ripple Road

Kelly has mastered the mix of contemporary + modern in this home. This is seen in the use of traditional stone work in the fireplace paired beside contemporary cabinets, as well as the use of symmetry + asymmetry in the fireplace and surrounding built-ins.


A mix of materials, well executed trends, and classic furnishings set this home up to be timeless + forgiving as the years pass by.

Every once in a while, I come across a home that really grabs my attention and just have to share it with you…especially when it’s the concept of a fellow (Canadian) designer as talented as Kelly Deck.

Hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse inside this gorgeous home!

- Kelsey -


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