MEET OUR TEAM // Indiana, Design Assistant


This introduction is long overdue since this lovely lady has been a part of the Farmer's Daughter team for some time now.  Meet Indiana!  She makes my work life run a little (read: a lot) smoother, puts one hundred percent into everything she does, + adds her bright, cheerful smile to the studio each day she spends here. 

Here she is to tell you a little about her story and what brought her here to Farmer's Daughter Interiors...



"Hello! My name is Indiana and I am the Design Assistant at Farmer's Daughter Interiors & Design.

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia and moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan about a year ago. I had followed Farmer's Daughter on Instagram for a long time before I moved here, so when a friend told me that they were hiring, I applied right away. 

I have a Bachelor in Fashion (Merchandise Management) which is essentially a business degree with a focus on Fashion. I wasn't confident that I would be able to find work that related to my degree in Swift Current, so I was extremely excited when I got the job at Farmer's Daughter. Although I had no prior experience with the interior design world, I now find that I apply a lot of what I studied at University to my work at Farmer's Daughter. My role at Farmer's Daughter can be quite diverse depending on what stages our projects are at; I help run our social media platforms, I co-write blog posts, I help source products, I communicate with suppliers to get quotes and place orders for clients and help with admin jobs.

As a big fan of HGTV, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was involved in interior design. There are actually lots of similarities between what you see on TV and what happens in real life, what I was mainly surprised by was the level of  technical details an interior designer needs to know. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world, I never thought I would get excited by hardware and finding the perfect shade of white (Benjamin Moore - Chantilly Lace OC-65!). 

I love everything about working at Farmer's Daughter Interiors and I am constantly inspired by Kelsey. She is so committed to her business and her clients. She is always finding new processes to improve efficiency and always making sure that I am happy at work. How she is able to be so equally creative and business minded is mind blowing. I love working with someone who constantly has new ideas and is excited about life in general. Her passion for interior design shows in everything she does. Kelsey will not stop working on something - even something as small as an Instagram caption - until she is 100% happy with it. That is what I think makes Farmer's Daughter so successful. 


Prior to moving to Swift Current, I was a Department Manager at a large retail store and was responsible for 50+ staff. This is the first time I have ever worked for a small business and I love knowing that the work I do is benefitting Kelsey and her clients directly because in bigger businesses, you don't often get to see that end result. Even though Farmer's Daughter is Kelsey's business, right from the beginning, she (and her family) made me feel like an important and valued part of the team. Kelsey is very open minded to new ideas and has lots of patience, which is great because I ask a lot of questions!"



"People always ask me, "Why Saskatchewan??". Well, first of all I have A LOT of family in this city. The first time I visited Swift Current as an adult was in my gap year and I had never really experienced living in a small town before. Even though I had so much fun that I didn't really want to leave, I thought I would always live in a big city and was determined to get my degree. Plus I was here during Summer and the idea of anything below 7 degrees wasn't all that appealing. After finishing my degree and wanting to start the next chapter of my life,  I had been looking for an excuse to move here and finally after a series of things falling into place I decided it was now or never. It's hard to pin point what exactly I love so much about this place but if I could only pick one thing, I would say it's the people. I have met so many amazing, interesting, caring and welcoming people here, they make it hard to even think about leaving." 


"I feel so lucky to be working at Farmer's Daughter with Kelsey and being able to meet so many wonderful clients.  I'm so excited to see how the business progresses and develops in the future!"


Indiana x 

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