FRIDAY ROUND UP // Favourite pins this week


Summer is (basically) here and we are feeling super inspired by light, open and airy spaces these days.  It's been a dog's age since we've done a Friday Roundup so today we've collected our favourite pins from the week that have that summertime feelin'.

PS. expect to see a lot white walls, exposed beams, natural materials + windows galore!


This space has such an authentic farmhouse feel. It's like each piece has been collected over the years to eventually create a space full of natural materials + vintage accents. We love the mix of of metals and, of course, that eclectic light


Two kitchens with similar color palettes, yet very different looks; proving that there is so much flexibility in interior design, even within a restricted color palette. 

Designed by  Elizabeth Cooper

As big believers in creating spaces that you help you love every inch of your home, we love this genius idea! The space by the staircase can become 'wasted space' or a danger zone for clutter. Instead, a bench with storage underneath makes great use of the space and provides a welcoming scene every time you come home. 

Bless'er House

Bless'er House


Okay, maybe an outdoor shower isn't the most practical asset to a home in Saskatchewan, but we can't help but imagine ourselves walking home from the beach to rinse off the sand in between our toes and salt in our hair...  



Hope you enjoyed this Friday Roundup... have a great weekend!

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