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  Ranging from rattan, sisal, jute, seagrass, cane, and interlaced leathers, woven textures are once again finding their way into our homes.  Woven products are certainly not a new face to interior design but today's designs are decidedly more contemporary and are definitely 'having a moment' right now in new collections of furniture, lighting, and home goods.



WOVEN TEXTURES in...The Kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms often read a little hardier than other spaces in a home, largely because of the lack of soft furnishings and large-scale drapery usually found in living rooms and bedrooms.  Adding in a woven texture can bring warmth and even sound reduction in what can otherwise feel like a hard-working space

WOVEN TEXTURES IN... the details

A renewable and fast-growing resource, rattan is a great choice for durable seating, both indoor and outdoor.

WOVEN TEXTURES in...The Bedroom

With the 'boho' movement in full swing, vintage and new woven materials definitely contribute to a laid-back, California vibe - if that's what you're looking to create.  The golden tones and texture gives any room a relaxed summer-y vibe, something that may help get through a long Canadian winter indoors.  

Designed by Michelle Qazi from 6th and Detroit

Designed by Michelle Qazi from 6th and Detroit

Styled by  Villa Styling  via  The Boho Bungalow  

WOVEN TEXTURES in...The Nursery

Gender neutral and versatile, the nursery is a perfect place to incorporate a few woven's some of our favorite inspiration now...





Did you notice that muddy pink wall color used here?  Blush is actually extremely versatile and almost reads as a neutral in some instances.  It's looking especially great with white walls and a wicker crib!

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